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ERP solutions professional (ERP consultant)

What is an ERP solutions professional and what do they do?

ERP solutions professionals (or consultants) advise organisations during the implementation of ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions. The role involves activities at all stages of the project lifecycle, from project initiation through to deployment and benefits realisation. There may be specialisms within the overall role such as organisational or process design or application security design.


While the accountancy profession offers diverse career options and paths, the core capabilities required to perform at the highest standards remain the same - irrespective of skill level or job role.

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Continuing professional development at ACCA

A commitment to life-long learning is a vital part of your ACCA membership; it unlocks the full potential of your career choices - and drives forward the profession.

We deliver a wide range of CPD resources tailored to different areas of expertise - and an ever-changing profession. Our, and your, commitment to quality CPD ensures you will have the most up-to-date skills to perform at the highest standard. 

So, get started (or restarted) and take a look at our curated list of the most relevant CPD resources to secure and succeed in this role.

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Certificate in FinTech for finance and business leaders

This programme provides a practical insight into the range of FinTech technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process and intelligent automation, that integrate to transform finance operations and business models in successful organisations.

Digital finance knowledge and skills are essential components of the technology transformation as business becomes increasingly customer focused. And having the skills to understand how these technologies are deployed and integrated into a customer-centric business strategy is essential.

The Certificate in FinTech for Finance will allow finance teams to gain the skills and knowledge to enable them to confidently lead on FinTech in their organisations. 

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How does the ACCA qualification support this job role?

From a combination of exams, ethics and experience, the ACCA Qualification will boost your employability and performance at every stage of your career journey.

Here we have listed some elements of the ACCA Qualification that will help you perform at the highest standard in this job role.