Areas of expertise

Develops insight into both internal and external clients’ organisational issues and provides expert advice to add value. Supports clients’ objectives and plans to improve, innovate and sustainably grow. Identifies efficiencies and responds to changing environments.

Provides high quality work by evaluating information systems and internal controls, gathering evidence and performing procedures to the meet the objectives of audit and a variety of assurance engagements.

Proficiently and ethically utilises existing and emerging data technologies, capabilities, practices and strategies.

Prepares and communicates high-quality business reports to support stakeholder understanding and decision-making.

Implements effective investment and financing decisions within the business environment. This is to ensure value creation in areas such as investment appraisal, business re-organisations, tax and risk management, treasury and working capital management.

Delivers financial information, tools, analysis and insight across the organisation. Assesses, evaluates and implements management accounting and performance management systems.

Ensures effective and appropriate governance, allows evaluation, monitors and implements appropriate risk identification procedures by designing and implementing effective internal audit and control systems.

Applies integrated thinking and action to create, protect and communicate long-term value for the organisation, environment and society.

Complies with tax regulation and systems. Communicates with relevant stakeholders to establish and ethically manage tax liabilities for individuals and companies. Uses appropriate tax computation and planning techniques.