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The transformation driver

What is a financial systems specialist and what do they do?

A finance system specialist is responsible for the day to day management of the finance systems processes. In addition, taking an active role in coordinating systems schedules, planning, testing and supporting specific projects, improvements, report development and upgrades on finance systems.

Key responsibilities

The responsibilities of a finance system specialist include the following:


  • managing resources to enhance and test developments, implement periodic upgrades, including statutory changes and the day to day management of finance systems
  • maintaining oversight of functional processing, delivering expert advice on all aspects of the finance systems, to ensure effective delivery of an excellent service to system users, suppliers and external customers
  • contributing to finding innovative solutions to issues which could potentially impact or disrupt the customer experience and/or the Finance timetable
  • collaboratively working with finance and across teams to ensure that system processes are fit for purpose enabling day to day processes to be completed accurately
  • able to provide support for end user developments include those on spreadsheets and automation tools
  • identifies opportunities for process improvement including the adoption of applications
  • managing a library of test scripts, process documentation and training materials ensuring they are current and relevant
  • ensuring processes are audit compliant, assisting with audit reviews and implementation of recommendations
  • input into continuous improvement projects across finance systems to ensure a culture of embracing change, including identifying efficiencies in processing tasks
  • the provision of timely, fit for purpose reports for customers, ensuring these meet individual requirements
  • this includes the development of new reports in various Business Intelligence tools and understanding/supporting new or emerging Business Intelligence opportunities.

Why are they important?


This role supports the day to day operation of the finance systems ensuring the availability of those systems and their on-going development.

Person specification


Digital skills, including the knowledge of the finance systems and processes, integrations and links with other related systems.

Lifelong learning to ensure that technical knowledge remains current and relevant.  

Has awareness of developments in the data and technology landscape that can be of benefit to finance and continuously seeks opportunities for improvement.

Significant experience in testing and resource planning with the ability to demonstrate successful change management.

Experience in report development in reporting tools.

Understanding of change management and incident processes.

Collaboration skills including influencing, innovation and communication. Application of critical thinking and problem solving techniques.

Analytical skills to be able to monitor, evaluate and assess situations and changes that will impact upon the service.

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