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Data visualisation specialist

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The transformation driver

What is a data visualisation specialist and what do they do?

Data visualisation specialists extract data from various data sources both inside and outside the organisation and present it to stakeholders in visual formats to facilitate analysis and the derivation of insights. They support finance business partners in delivering this content to stakeholders and work with data governance specialists to codify and extract relevant data from various sources.

Key responsibilities

The presentation of data in visual formats to allow stakeholders to self serve. They have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the data and the governance over it. They understand business problems and develop visualisations to tell the story.

Why are they important?


Management reports are increasingly being translated into real time queries that stakeholders can access via data visualisation tools.

As finance functions increasingly focus on predictive analytics the accurate visual representation of performance, including both financial and non-financial components, in real time, is essential.

Person specification


Data visualisation specialists must have strong digital skills and understand the organisational strategy and operating model and how this translates into the data model.  

They need to demonstrate critical thinking and business acumen.

They need to be able to collaborate with others.

They use their accounting qualification to provide insight and must be proficient in performance management.

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