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Business intelligence analyst

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The enterprise analyst

What is a business intelligence analyst and what do they do?

A business intelligence analyst, or business analyst, is responsible for collecting and analysing data to identify trends and patterns that inform future business decisions.

Their duties include complex data modelling, designing data-analysis methodologies and compiling reports to present to senior management. 

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include: 


  • liaising with internal and external stakeholders to identify areas of the business that could benefit from the application of analytical techniques
  • reviewing data collection processes and assessing the validity, accuracy and integrity of the information stored
  • understanding the laws surrounding the collecting and processing of data, and ensuring that all policies reflect current legislation
  • using, researching and assessing data processing and analytics software and solutions (including the application of machine learning)
  • identifying anomalous data, and examining and eliminating any processes or procedures that contribute to unreliable data being collected
  • working closely with the IT department to ensure that the data collection and storage systems are secure and robust.


Why are they important?


Analytical techniques, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, are becoming essential elements of the strategic decision-making processes for many organisations.

Person specification


In addition to expertise in performance management, the skills needed include digital, including data governance and data manipulation skills, and the ability to apply analytical tools and techniques to business issues as described in the responsibilities.

Strong collaboration skills are essential, including influencing, inclusion, communication and stakeholder focus.

Insight skills including critical thinking and problem solving, coupled with business acumen, are also required.

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