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Strategy consultant

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Advisory and consultancy

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The transformation driver

Area of expertise

Advisory and consultancy

What is a strategy consultant and what do they do?

Strategy consultants are responsible for developing high-priority strategic initiatives, working directly with the business’s leadership, executives and stakeholders – both internal and external. They lead cross-functional teams in the development of operational strategies that will influence business growth and profitability as well as helping to ensure that the day-to-day activities of the company support these initiatives. Strategy consultants can work in major strategy advisory firms in practice, or can be found working in industry in larger, multinational organisations.

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include: 


  • developing strategic opportunities and executing of strategic initiatives
  • establishing collaborative and trusting relationships with the business' key leaders and stakeholders
  • helping deliver shareholder value through the identification of potential acquisition targets and supporting the company’s broader M&A activity
  • managing the strategic planning process across the organisation to ensure key milestones are achieved
  • building analytical models and performing regular financial, competitive, performance, and market analyses for the business in order to ensure well-founded strategies are presented to leadership
  • drafting regular analysis reports for senior strategy management, business leadership and executives, and relevant stakeholders for purposes of further decision making
  • analysing the success of products, projects, and activities and put in place performance measures that will determine the effectiveness of implemented strategies and identify areas for strategic improvement
  • developing new business opportunities by leveraging contacts, pursuing new product development, and improving project efficiency.

Why are they important?


Strategy consultants are crucial to the company’s ability to meet ambitious growth plans. Strategic planning provides a sense of direction for the business and outlines measurable goals. It is also useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches where necessary.

Person specification


A strategy professional should have exceptional analytical and communication skills, as well as a highly developed collaborative nature. Vision, energy, enthusiasm and focus are required but also contextual sensitivity and the ability to work effectively across a broad spectrum of people. They must have strong influencing skills, but also the ability to inspire trust and confidence in the senior management team. They need to demonstrate a full blend of insight, drive and collaboration to the highest standards.

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