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People advisory consultant

What is a people advisory consultant and what do they do?

People advisory consultants help their clients harness their people agenda, writing and delivering the part of the business strategy dependent on people. They are responsible for designing innovative capability and learning solutions that redesign organisations, shape workplace cultures and drive behavioural change, allowing their client to gain a people advantage.


While the accountancy profession offers diverse career options and paths, the core capabilities required to perform at the highest standards remain the same - irrespective of skill level or job role.

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Continuing professional development at ACCA

A commitment to life-long learning is a vital part of your ACCA membership; it unlocks the full potential of your career choices - and drives forward the profession.

We deliver a wide range of CPD resources tailored to different areas of expertise - and an ever-changing profession. Our, and your, commitment to quality CPD ensures you will have the most up-to-date skills to perform at the highest standard. 

So, get started (or restarted) and take a look at our curated list of the most relevant CPD resources to secure and succeed in this role.

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Online course

Managing change 5 course pack

This five-course pack from BPP will help you develop the skills needed to effectively manage the change process, for yourself and your organisation. Change is constant in a business; it is an essential part of evolving to ensure you can continue to progress no matter what the circumstances are. This pack will help you embrace change and see it as an opportunity, rather than something to be feared and avoided. 

By completing this pack, you will gain a better understanding of: 

  • the causes of change
  • how to deal with change and take others with you on the journey
  • how to communicate difficult messages with empathy
  • how to manage any stress you may be under due to changes around you.
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Online course

Drive your personal skills 5 course pack

This five-course pack from BPP will develop the personal skills you need to drive yourself forward in your professional development. Advance your own skills to confidently deal with change, be assertive and manage yourself and your team.

By completing this pack, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • how to deal with change and improve business performance
  • managing yourself, individuals and teams
  • how to communicate difficult messages and feedback in the right way.
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How does the ACCA Qualification prepare you for this job role?

From a combination of exams, ethics and experience, the ACCA Qualification will boost your employability and performance at every stage of your career journey.

Here we have listed some elements of the ACCA Qualification that will help you perform at the highest standard in this job role.