• Leader

People advisory consultant

Job profile:

Advisory and consultancy

Career zone:

The transformation driver

Area of expertise

Advisory and consultancy

What is a people advisory consultant and what do they do?

People advisory consultants help their clients harness their people agenda, writing and delivering the part of the business strategy dependent on people. They are responsible for designing innovative capability and learning solutions that redesign organisations, shape workplace cultures and drive behavioural change, allowing their client to gain a people advantage.

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include: 


  • leading change management strategy
  • being responsible for learning and development within the organisation
  • workforce planning
  • organisational design
  • talent management.

Why are they important?


People advisory consultants are ultimately responsible for designing and delivering talent development services that are focused on driving business performance for their clients.

Person specification


It is essential for the people advisory consultant to have the ability to influence and gain support from a variety of stakeholders for major changes that may take place within the workplace. Collaboration needs to be a core strength. This consultant will benefit from leading with authenticity and having a strong personal impact, while having a detailed knowledge of organisational design, resource planning, performance management systems, change management and, systems of recognition and reward. Excellent IT skills are usually required with this role.

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