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Performance management

What is a commercial director and what do they do?


The main goal of a commercial director is to plan, develop and implement commercial strategies that reflect the objectives and priorities of their organisation. Typically, these strategies will focus on maximising opportunities for profit, generating revenue and creating sustainable growth.

The commercial director is a leadership position and is responsible for the commercial activities of an organisation. They play an integral role in areas such as product development, pricing policy and the development of ‘go to market’ strategies and will intimately understand the markets in which their company operates.

Commercial directors help their business to identify new opportunities and ensure market fit of products and services based on current sector trends and anticipated future market developments.

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include: 


  • developing and implementing commercial strategies in line with company goals and objectives, with the aim to accelerate growth
  • conducting market research and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial opportunities (expansion, business development etc) as well as to understand threats, and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial opportunities (expansion, business development etc.) as well as to understand threats
  • designing and implementing new sales and customer acquisition strategies
  • collaborating with and coordinating diverse teams (eg marketing, sales and customer service)
  • negotiating ongoing contracts with suppliers and customers
  • managing and reviewing contracts and making recommendations regarding commerciality
  • monitoring performance of commercial activities using key metrics and reporting to senior management
  • establishing and maintaining long-term, profitable partnerships with key stakeholders
  • assisting with setting, managing and monitoring financial targets and budget development.

Why are they important?


Commercial directors are senior executives who are highly influential in determining the revenue & profit profile and strategic focus of a business.

They develop and implement commercial strategies to accelerate growth in line with company goals and objectives, and are responsible for securing new clients and advising senior management about new markets to explore.

Person specification


Commercial directors and managers must have strong commercial awareness, along with an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset. They must have great insight and drive, as well as strong organisational and leadership skills. In order to successfully manage relationships with key clients and stakeholders, collaboration skills must also be developed to the highest level.

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