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Auditor general

Job profile:

Audit and assurance

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The assurance provider

What is an auditor general and what do they do?

The auditor general is a senior public finance leader who oversees a public sector audit institution, directs public sector audits in order to improve government accountability and transparency. An auditor general will often represent their institution in presenting the results of public audits to the legislator or appropriate legislative committee.

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include: 


  • setting the vision for the public audit institution
  • representing the institution to the legislature or parliament
  • managing the teams that audit the public finances.

Why are they important?


The auditor general plays a critical role in providing oversight of the public sector finances to ensure public funds are well managed and fully accounted for, and not used for personal gain or fraudulent purpose.

Person specification


In addition to core technical skills, strong collaboration skills are essential, especially communication and stakeholder engagement; Strong Insight skills, especially analytical skills are required. The role holder must also demonstrate excellent leadership as this is a key position in public service. The aspiring auditor general will need adaptability, business sense, strong communication skills and, perhaps most importantly, real determination to deliver the effective public services the world needs in the years ahead.

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