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Shared services and outsourcing manager

What is a shared services and outsourcing manager and what do they do?

In a shared services model, administrative functions that were once performed in separate divisions (and often in separate locations), such as finance, human resources and IT, are united into a single, centralised location and overseen by a specialised shared services management function. Outsourcing involves engaging an external third party to perform this service. Companies usually employ one of these strategies in order to cut costs, increase efficiency or access better qualified talent.

A shared services manager will oversee and manage teams across the shared services centre. They have overall responsibility for the delivery and performance of all allocated workstreams and transactional processes. Their role focuses on the coordination of the operations of the centre, and they are accountable for ensuring that it achieves agreed service levels and compliance with established policies.


While the accountancy profession offers diverse career options and paths, the core capabilities required to perform at the highest standards remain the same - irrespective of skill level or job role.

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Continuing professional development at ACCA

A commitment to life-long learning is a vital part of your ACCA membership; it unlocks the full potential of your career choices - and drives forward the profession.

We deliver a wide range of CPD resources tailored to different areas of expertise - and an ever-changing profession. Our, and your, commitment to quality CPD ensures you will have the most up-to-date skills to perform at the highest standard. 

So, get started (or restarted) and take a look at our curated list of the most relevant CPD resources to secure and succeed in this role.

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Certificate in global business services

Employers are passionate about building a high-performance, smooth-running business and aspire to exceed the expectations of existing clients and win new ones. To find your place in this fast-changing business world, you need to be at the top of your game.

This course is designed to enable you to master the basic concepts and skills you need to play a successful role in shared service or GBS teams. 

This is the perfect qualification for individuals in roles like travel and expenses analyst, accounts payable analyst, accounts receivable analyst, general ledger analyst and other financial positions on a similar level.

The certificate in global business services consists of five modules covering over 10 hours of expert online tuition and provides finance staff with the skills and confidence to face the future of business.

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Online course

Performance management and financial modelling 10 course pack

This ten course pack from BPP will provide you with the skills needed to ensure you can comprehensively inform your organisation when decision making for the future, based on facts and data. Learn about metrics, using data to inform strategy and decision-making, analysing your success, and how to create high-quality financial models so you can confidently communicate this information back to your business.

By completing this pack, you will gain a better understanding of: 

  • how data can inform an organisation’s strategy
  • how to use data to turn the strategic vision into a reality, and the role you can play
  • the balanced scorecard
  • how to use Excel for financial modelling and the rules to follow for success.
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How does the ACCA qualification support this job role?

From entry level courses, to the internationally renowned ACCA qualification, to specialist accreditations, ACCA exams will boost your employability and performance at every stage of your career journey.

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The view from Clare D’Agostino FCCA

Head of financial shared services, corporate finance, HMRC