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IT audit specialist

Job profile:

Audit and assurance

Career zone:

The assurance provider

Area of expertise

Audit and assurance

What is an IT audit specialist and what do they do?


IT audit specialists assist organisations by protecting its internal controls and data within its technology system. They safeguard information by identifying weaknesses and create strategies are in place to mitigate the risks from information security breaches. They examine the organisation's IT systems to ensure sufficient controls are kept, security of data stored or transported. They classify technology issues and provide additional recommendations to management with solutions to address internal controls weaknesses. The perform assurance work over applications and operating environments. They may perform consultative roles in implementations.

IT audit specialists should be able to operate in a digital-first (or digital-only), environment where a lot of the evidence provided by the entity is held in systems without associated paper trails.

Key responsibilities

The responsibilities of an IT audit specialist may include the following:


  • the identification of weaknesses in applications and operating systems and create action plan to prevent security breaches
  • plan internal audit procedures
  • create internal audit reports
  • perform attestation work and controls testing
  • provide advice on IT related risks and control objectives
  • initiate and run continuous monitoring and continuous auditing tests using software tools
  • devise and implement network security policies and procedures.

Why are they important?


IT audit specialists are part of the organisation's corporate governance framework and address IT related risks and assess controls.

Person specification


IT audit specialists require expertise in audit and assurance standards and techniques. They require a strong knowledge of digital environments both at the operating system and application level.

Are aware of developments in the technology and data and the implications for the information risk environment within an organisation.

They are collaborators who communicate effectively their observations and recommendations by applying critical thinking and problem solving techniques together with business acumen. They are strong project managers.

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