• Expert

Forensic accountant

Job profile:

Audit and assurance

Career zone:

The assurance provider

Area of expertise

Audit and assurance

What is a forensic accountant and what do they do?


A forensic accountant investigates financial fraudulent activity within an organisation. They use their expertise combined with critical thinking to analyse and evaluate data and support the governance and control within an organisation.

Key responsibilities
  • to investigate financial fraudulent activity and provide recommendations and insights into changes required to meet governance requirements.

Why are they important?


They provide insights into businesses into illegal activities, engaging with relevant stakeholders and communicating their findings in the forms of reports and presentations.

Person specification


A forensic accountant needs strong critical thinking skills and the ability to collaborate with others with a focus on improving governance and control. They need to have good communication skills to work with stakeholders during the investigation and to then communicate their findings and recommendations.

They should also be proficient in the use of analytical digital tools, as well as being highly competent at preparing reports and presentations.

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