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Audit manager (public sector)

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Audit and assurance

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The assurance provider

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Audit and assurance

What is an audit manager (public sector) and what do they do?


An audit manager in the public sector will manage and deliver audit engagements from planning through to completion. The role will require proficiency in relevant accounting standards, as well as extensive audit experience. 

The role holder is expected to manage a portfolio of clients such as government bodies, health care providers, universities or social housing, with responsibility for agreeing audit timetables, briefing the audit team, including other specialists, monitoring budgets and supervising the audit process. 

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary, but examples include:


  • overseeing in-charge and audit assistants work, ensuring compliance with client and statutory audit methodology requirements, appreciating relevant internal and external market factors, ensuring the effective and timely delivery of engagements 
  • overseeing and directing the budgeting, planning, co-ordination and control of engagements in accordance with client and statutory audit methodology and business requirements to ensure effective service delivery and maximised recoverability 
  • directing, coaching and mentoring Assistant Managers to assist them in the effective delivery of engagements and the direction of their juniors, ensuring cost effective, timely completion and effective service delivery to the required standard on each engagement 
  • nurturing and seeking worthwhile relationships with clients, business departments and staff, for the sharing of information and to identify and progress current and future audit requirements  
  • preparing and negotiating fee proposals for existing clients and assisting in forming propositions for new business
  • assisting the senior leadership team in monitoring the effectiveness of audit services delivered, providing feedback and reflection on the quality of service accordingly 
  • preparing reports to senior client management and audit committees.

Why are they important?


The audit manager plays an important role in providing oversight of the public sector finances to ensure public funds are well managed and fully accounted for, and not used for personal gain or fraudulent purpose.

Person specification


The audit manager is expected to act as a leadership role model and display great Drive. 

Excellent Collaboration skills are essential to manage their own team, liaise with senior management and a range of stakeholders at all levels. They may also be required to prepare and deliver presentations as needed for senior management or external stakeholders. 

As with all audit roles, excellent Insight and Integrity is required to be successful. 

Increasingly the audit manager is expected to have excellent digital and analytical skills as well as being proficient in the use of all digital office tools.

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